I Finally Pitched!

I am now playing for Newell American Legion; Post 287.

We were losing 7-1 when i came into the game in the 5th, and there was not a single inning where they didnt get at least a hit or two. And our pitchers were walking batters, and our fielders were making various errors.
So I just relaxed and used it as a chance to work on everything.

The first inning i had 1 K and 2 ground outs. The second inning i had 1 K, then couldnt jump high enough to stop a chopper, then a balk, then 1 K, then another ground out. And the third inning i had three more ground outs.

Wasnt the prettiest but it was fun.

Tonight, I was brought into the game for relief. I came in with two outs and runners on first and second and we were down 6-5.

In the 4th with two outs, I struck out the first batter, then the 5th inning I struck out 1, then forced a lazy pop up to the third baseman, and one guy hit a line drive straight to the centerfielder.

The 6th inning I struckout the first batter, the next guy hit a grounder to first which was botched and rolled into rightfield and the kid was thrown out at second base, then struckout the third.

In the 7th I started out feeling a little sore in the shoulder and tired, I struckout the first guy, then beaned the second. Then I threw a past ball and he advanced, then I struck out the next two batters to end the game.

We ended up winning 11-5 after a serious rally in the sixth, so I technically get the win. I had 7 K’s and went 2-4 batting for the whole day with 3 RBI’s. (we had a double-header)

Sorry I went into so much detail but Im proud of my games today.

Hey man, sounds like you’ve done really well in your first two outings. Keep up the hard work and continued success is sure to follow.

thank you

Nice job!

Tonight I pitched again, and I went a complete game. We ended up losing 4-2 b/c nobody would get their bat off their shoulder. So the other pitcher looked like a stud throwing just a fastball and change with a top speed in like the 70’s.

I had 8 K’s and 2 BB’s, and allowed 4 hits. 3 of those 4 were off the tip of the bat and softely landed just shallow of my outfielders. And we had a total of 9 fielding errors.

And batting wise I went 4-4 for the third straight game. For the season Im 17-25 now. So I did what I could but I still got the loss, which sucks b/c I need to have a team to play for after this week.

And I ended the season batting 20/32, after a few difficult games against the top three teams in NC.

And I pitched a total 24.1 innings, and 28 K’s