? I Don't Understand?

I’m 17 years old and have been trying out for my high school baseball team for the past 3 years, i’m a sidearm left, i throw a 2 seam fastball that run away from right handed batters and a 4 seam that rises, both of which are in the mid to upper 70’s, which is an above average speed for the players that are trying out, i also have a sweeping slider that produces ground balls. for the past 3 years i havent made the team but i dont understand how a team could go with out haveing a left handed pitcher on there team, there was only one left handed starter for the team and he played out field. I e-mail the coach asking how/why i didnt make the team and he couldnt give me a clear reason. I dominate in my senior league but i cant understand what i’m doing wrong.


Well, do you have passing grades or not?

Are you showing good sportsmanship at the tryouts?

Are you throwing strikes?

Are you changing the story to make yourself seem better?

Hey it’s nice to see another side arm pitcher, sweet!

I have a 3.00 GPA and i throw a good amount of strikes, i walk a few every now and then but everybodyt does. I always cheer on my teammates but it seems to be more of a populatrity contest, if your not in AAU or american legion then your looked down apon but i just figured that they would need at least 1 lefty pitcher on the team. Its funny, i started skimming rocks across a local lake when i was 4 or 5 and the arm motion just kind of stuck.

sounds alittle odd. i can see not making american legion with your speed but highschool. i think there is a little more to the story lol
heres your stats lefty, mid 70s good control, 3.00. so your not an idiot,
all this makes for a good pitcher