I don't think I'm liked

lol people don’t seem to like me on this site, oh well haha :smiley:

Most of what I’ve seen out of you is putting down stuff…it would seem you think you have the last repository of info and well others who have worked hard and experienced success find that difficult to just accept.
Lanky has engaged you in attempts at debate and dealt with you as a man…you on the other hand, as you did in the logs forum, pop out with the classically ignorant “Not to be a jackass but”…stuff, even then you were challenged to explain why and to do it in a responsible way…and he acknowledged you were better than that…we here don’t spend too much time with social crud…go to Facebook and be an idiot if you want…here we want to learn about pitching, talk about pitching…you’ve brought what you think is good stuff here…debate it, we don’t need 5 yr olds playing little kiddie games…as you grow up you’ll find that this is what people do when they are serious and passionate on a subject.
As to like/dislike, no one here knows you…they react to what you say…if you don’t like that, then be a man and defend your position.

Keep posting, be positive, reinforce the community for everyone vs yourslf.

Agree 100%.