I don't know

I don’t know… But I guess we’re learning something new about baseball this year.
He was told to be ready for tonight’s game. Selected to be tonight’s starting pitcher until the coach " changed his mind" and jerked him around, a little more…
And we all know what that does to a twelve yr old boy’s self confidence. I have no idea what to say to my son, especially when the pither that started tonight’s game gave up 8 runs… 6 in the third inning.
THis coach…claims to me tonight that my son isn’t ready. HIs record from last yr proves my son is.
THen the man “plays off” some idea that it’s because this is my son’s first yr in the majors. THat he doesn’t like my sons change up… blah blah blah- I say that the proof is in the pudding! Give my son the ball and a chance to prove himself and then we’ll talk.
At this point all I can think to tell my son is that his coach is a fool. It’s just not a very fun game this year- I’m not even sure if it’s still just a game at all…

Let the coach know that he shouldnt change his mind, if he wants his son to pitch its ok but dont go back on his word. Yes, he may be a jerk, but at 12 they still need to respect adults, and you saying he’s a fool would contradict that. What to say to your son? well… Life;s not fair so you gata work hard and take your chances. … your stuck with him, more importantly your son is. Good luck to you. Show your strengh, your calmness cuz your son will follow where where ever you lead him

Thanks for reminding me Rookie… I guess it just gets the betterof me sometimes when, like you said a grown man to go back on his word like the man did. So… To undo some of this mental garbage this coach is causing my boy, I hired apitching coach this morning. Some one to work my boy to his full potiential and strengthen his mind so that he’ll be able to stay focused.
I’ll continue to throw with him, and work towards a better day or new season ahead.
I guess it maybe seems rather disrespectful for me to point out to my son that his coach is probably being foolish- MAybe- MAybe not? with the fact that we have lost every game so far and every pitcher that the coach has played- THat this particular coach deems to be better than my son has given up on average eight runs each game in four innings.
True life is hard and never fair beleive me, if we’ve learned anything about life - WE know! ANd we expect to deal with and handle some adversity… LIfe is equally hard on everyone at some point and in different ways… Agreed. But Who ever signs up to play the game just to be set up to loose. We come to play and we play to win. IT’S the essense of life…we find in the game.


I understand this can be difficult for you and your son. This may be as they say, a “learning opportunity”. The coach may be discounting what your son did last year at a lower level. He must be seeing your son pitch in practice situations and is trying to make the best decsions for the team as a whole. What your son can control is his preparation and his attitude. I have yet to see a youth baseball team that has too much pitching so I’m confident your son will get his chance. Help him stay focused on being ready when his chance comes.

In the meantime he can support the other pitchers and contribute with his play in the field. Good luck dad:)

I’m going through the same thing… I was told I’m gonna be starting Saturdays (tommorrows) game. but I look at our team website this morning and I see that I’ve been bumped to Sundays start … I don’t like being jerked around either … but I’m biting my tongue at this point … many coaches don’t have a clue, even in the bigs… there’s nothing you can do except stand up for yourself when the time comes … for me, that time is coming, but not here yet.

razdbywlvs, i know that this will be hard but you will have to supprt your son and the coaches desission.
If yoyu keep getting up the coach he will never put your son on!

Im just telln you through experience, i played for a high standard team, they took me and taught me to pitch, but i ended up spendn the season on the bench, i told my parents not to get involved (i knew this would make it worse), i ended up pitching about 3 innings the whole season, (2 of which i struck out 3in a row (3up 3 down)). I then tried out for a new team (different season - winter and summer leagues), i then automatically made it in through the other clubs reputation, and they are now putting me in as their lead off pitcher.

im sure it will all work out!

Just so you know, it happens all the time, my son (When he was 12) was scheduled to start the 1st game of the Fl State Championship tourney, his coach had a hunch and started another kid, we ripped off 4 games in a row and won the state. This is how it goes, my son had 2 options; complain or contribute at the best of his ability, he chose the 2nd, no doubt he was dissappointed but that unfortunately is a part of life also, it also inspired him to work harder on his game so the hunch would fall on his side next time.

I hope you realize that IT’s hardlly the same situation- under that same sort of circumstance - I know my son would feel differnetly BUT IT’s still the very beginning of our season and my son has not yet even been allowed the chance to show his ability. So far his team had lost every game- due mostly in part to the hits being given up- AND I think he and I and everyone that has ever sat in the stands and watch my boy on the mound- We all know that if my boy was given that opportunity - the out come of the game would be very different. Like I said before- Who signs up for the season, just to be held back and loose?

Just have ur son work and keep improving and show up early to games and stuff and throw with him on the side of the field. show the coach how good he is and show him he wants to pitch just dont complain. i can see how you get frustrated over this cause this would piss me off to but try to be calm about it because the coach sounds like an as$ and ur son will get to pitch (this year or next. better late than never)

hope it goes ur way raz.

I’m curious as to the hostility of your response to me, “hardly” the same? Nope it isn’t .but it is, not only had my son “earned” that start he had performed all year at a consistantly high level with great success…do you somehow suppose that your’s or your sons disappointment was greater? Appearently (And this is not a knock) your son hasn’t performed for this coach in a game, ok, now what? Do you think that we will give you some answer you hadn’t heard before? Really, how many options are there for you? If the coach isn’t interested in what your point is, go to the league, if they don’t satisfy you, attempt to get your money back and find another place to play. I don’t wish to be harsh but outside of litigation there is not much else than that. You were smart to get him a pitching coach, if as you say the kid has skills then he will play ball, hook up with a travel team, aau, go to another town, baseball is played everywhere in many settings, is it fair? no. I never want a kid to have his dreams shattered, suppressed or otherwise messed with. You give this coach too much power over your son’s future, if he is what you say about him, get him behind you, your courge to leave may give others courage to object and either get him trained correctly or get him gone.