I dont know what im doing wrong - video

Hey everybody, i come and read the threads here a lot, but i think this is my first post.

Anyways, I am a Sophomore in high school, my last day is tommorrow so i guess technically ill be a Junior. Anyways, I am about 5’10" 165 lbs, my body build is kind of like Tim Lincecum’s except I don’t have that kind of stuff, haha.

Anyways, I just dont know what to do anymore with my pitching. I read everything I can about pitching, the right mechanics and timing and all of this and I still am weakest pitcher on my team. Theres a kid thats 5’4" 130 lbs at the most on my team, and he makes people look like they have never swung a bat before, and he throws hard. I have been studying the way tim lincecum pitches, and he coils a lot and I think that Is a main factor to where he gets his velocity, I’m wondering if anybody on this site, who has a good bit of knowlege would suggest me doing that.

Now dont get me wrong, I know pitching is not all about velocity. I know that its changing speeds and hitting spots, but I dont have very good control either. I also suffer from elbow pain from time to time aswell.

Could it be that my bones are just not developed enough to be throwing things such as curveballs and stuff like that, even though I am 15. I just don’t get it, and this really puzzles me.

Maybe somebody can tell me what I can do to help better myself. Baseball is something that I want to do after high school, and I just cant imagine myself not playing baseball.

oh yah, I also play 3rd base as my other position, if thats anything that may help diagnose my problems.

You stride to the 3B side which can limit hip rotation (since you won’t get the hips squared up to the target). Aslo, it’s tough to tell from the camera angle but it looks like you sort of reach with your front foot. Try getting your hips moving forward towards the target a bit sooner and faster while maintaining the same knee lift. Lead with your front hip longer into your stride before your front foot gets out in front of everything else. This is going to require your front leg to be quicker getting from the top of your knee lift out to foot plant. But that build more momentum. And it might lengthen your stride. This might give you a little more velocity and if you stride toward the target and stop throwing back across your body it might improve your control.

Let me first say that you are looking very good re: overall mechanics and smoothness. Good job.

Having said that, I’m with Roger on all accounts. I’ll elaborate in that your tempo from high knee lift to landing is very slow. My guess is that you’re thinking about “looking like a pitcher” with that deliberate front foot and leg action, rather than throwing like one. The landing on the closed side issue may just be a function of that slow, deliberate front foot just “reaching” out. Get that front hip going toward the target. Build up some momentum in that direction from even before the apex of your knee lift. Don’t just fire the arm, fire your centre of gravity, sideways. Rotate the core just before landing. Let your hips deposit the front foot. If you’re thinking about the front foot too much, it’s the “tail wagging the dog”. Think “core”. This might solve the landing closed thing. Get it all going!! Don’t hold that core back at the rubber and don’t hold it back when you rotate. Go for it, guy!!!

Looking good. Just fire away man.

I thank you both very much for your advice. I will work on leading with my hip and going to the plate quicker. My old highschool coach (not the current one) actually made the comment before about me striding toward third, so I i tride fixing that by doing a 2x4 drill, but unfortunately it didnt do much.


Listen to Roger and dm! Just as you begin lifting your foot off the ground, begin moving toward the plate with your hips, and pretty fast too. This will force you to be explosive with your stride leg to the plate which will create lots of momentum, which should create a whip like effect on your arm. When striding to the plate like this it should feel as though that if you were not to get your stride foot out in front that you would do a face plant.

Measure your stride length: Try to stride between 90-100 percent - this will ensure that even though your top half is flying toward the plate the bottom half (lead foot) will catch up by the time you plant your lead foot in the ground - this will create a triangle of sorts (two legs far apart like the base of a triangle and the head in the center) - a power position with lots of force going to the plate. Have someone video tape you: check to see if your lead shoulder is pointing directly at the plate at the very moment of foot plant. At that moment I tell my son “shoulder to shoulder with a glass of water on the head.” That is, he has to rotate his shoulders to throw the ball, but I want his head steady. Check the video: are finishing well? That is, do you finish with the “flat” back and back leg comes around high? Does your throwing hand nearly touch the ground after release?

Once you have your mechanics down (although never perfect), pitch 2-3 times per week off the mound. I believe in doing all the other stuff (long tossing, lifting, weighted balls, etc.), but nothing will help you to throw off the mound like throwing off the mound. Remember this: a ball released closer to the plate is essentially like throwing it with more velocity.

Finally, watch the videos of Randy Johnson and Tim Lincecum over and over. I think they are the clearest of getting the hips moving to the plate. The ones of Nolan Ryan are also good. Hope this helps.

All I can say is wow and thanks.

I’ve only gotten to throw in a bullpen since you guys told me what I was doing wrong, but I saw a major improvement. I was normally throwing 75-78 before this, which I guess people find slow in my league. Anyways, the ball is coming out of my hand and then i hear the pop in the catchers mit like instantly. Not only that, by my control is so much better.

Thank you guys very very much.

That kind of feedback is what keeps us spending the time we do with this (that and the fact that we learn so much from each other). Keep up the good work. You’re looking pretty good. Post some update video after you’ve practiced this for a while.

Do you guys download these clips and view them frame by frame?

That’s not possible with YouTube, is it? If you know a way, please edumacate us.

That aside, I know I can speak for dm59 in saying we prefer to view video frame by frame.

That kind of feedback is what keeps us spending the time we do with this (that and the fact that we learn so much from each other). Keep up the good work. You’re looking pretty good. Post some update video after you’ve practiced this for a while.[/quote]

I will do, and thanks so much. :slight_smile:

I think u need to get started moving away from the rubber earlier. This will give u more momentum and a longer stride, which will add up to more velocity. Otherwise ur mechanics look pretty sound

is that mound actual dirt? how did you build that? nifty.

I need a mound like that in my backyard. Then I could actullay get the timing down better.