I cut my self when throwing a type of changeup

i throw a type of knuckle change up.

and after like 2 years of mastering it it starting to cut my index finger on the top around the right side of nail, i want to know how to prevent from cutting or what can i use like some kind of creeme or so

almost 5 years and no answer :frowning:

Are you still having the problem?

I remember my Dad told me a joke about that. Guy goes to the doctor, and says “it hurts when I press right here”. Doctor says “don’t press right there”.

Good grief you should spend more time learning how to spell (with several words to consider). I played pro ball with a guy who became an English professor. He would say the same thing. I became a physics professor, but that’s another story. BTW: try the Circle-change.

That would hurt your digging in