I can't maintain motivation to workout!

I’m so angry. I can never maintain the perserverence to consistently work out. I mean I’ll start a new program, do it for a week, then just give in and quit. I just can’t do it. Any tips to help me?

Find your motivation, this always works for me

But more importantly, find a program that you enjoy, working out for me is the highlight of my day, so I have no qualms doing it.

What works for me, swear, watch the movie ‘300’. I get pumped up every time I watch that movie. Try putting on some Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin on the Ipod.

Psst…find a friend to workout with, thats the best way to get motivated.

Biggest things you can do for motivation:

Goals- Set GOALS! If you don’t even know why you are showing up to the gym, it’s hard to get motivated. Write down a firm and realistic list of what you’d like to accomplish.

Music- Most of the stuff I have in my stereo I won’t listen to any other time because it’s not just chill music. Find some intense stuff and use it to get motivated. Korn, Eminem, Godsmack, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, DMX, find something, that when you hear it, you know it’s time to move some iron.

Training Partner- Everyone has their days when they don’t feel like lifting. The training partner will make sure you show up and still work hard. They can also make lifting way more enjoyable.

Results- this is the biggest thing for me. Stay with a program for a while. Once you see the results you will want to come back for more like an addiction. One thing for me is that I am pleased with results in a broad range of categories. Maybe my genuine motivation is slightly different from day to day, but I’m still getting in there and working hard.
Results you can see can be baseball improvement, physique, strength numbers, improving other tasks (being able to dunk for instance).

Pretty much every day I am training I know that I am improving all of those 4 things, and I’m sure theres other things you can find that you improve as well. Even if the program and underlying motivation is to be the best I can possibly be on the baseball field.

Don’t have training ADD (wanting to switch workouts constantly),
find a legitimate, proven, and effective program to accomplish what you want and stick with it.

I have a feeling your workouts are as well planned as a whole (within a lifting cycle/phase). For me in one week I do 4 relatively different workouts. I lift for a month and change things up. So the most I am doing one individual workout (certain exercises, sets/reps) is 3 to 4 times.

What should I do if I can’t find time to work out?

That’s a big problem amount high school players alot. I my self struggle with that sometime But I try to wake up and plan the day to fit the workout in.

don’t ever not do anything 1/2 a workout is better then none but strive for 1 full workout.

Plan out your afternoons on paper. Lay out estimations for the amount of homework you have for each class. Then factor in your workouts. Yes, the amount of time you have to play video games and just chill can get limited at times.
Because of this, I tend to just chill out on the weekends. I just want to relax and enjoy myself after having no time to myself throughout the week.

I am in only AP and Honors classes so I can definitely understand your time crunch. Should one have a job that can even make it harder.
Organizing your day is imperative to success when limited for time.

Thanks. I really wanted to get into this Tabata Workout/HIIT Running thing but I just never did…

N.O.-Xplode…dont know if it will get you “motivated”, but it does give you great focus, at least for me anyways. I used to only work out 45 minutes MAYBE an hour without. But since taking it, few weeks ago, I have been recently upping my workout to 2 hours pushing three.


That’s impossible. Everyone has time to work out. Dont try to use time as a cop out. I’ve posted several workouts that can be done in less than 20 minutes. Set out a time each day and dont allow yourself to make any excuses. Once you establish a habit it will become much easier to stick to it.


That’s impossible. Everyone has time to work out. Dont try to use time as a cop out. I’ve posted several workouts that can be done in less than 20 minutes. Set out a time each day and dont allow yourself to make any excuses. Once you establish a habit it will become much easier to stick to it.[/quote]

Wake up earlier.

Everyone makes choices, people choose not to make the time to work out. If you truly were commited to working out and improving yourself you would find or make the time.

It all comes down to the choices you make in life.

If your highschool has a weightlifting class, take it.

Get a partner. I used to lift with my dad when I was 12. Id lift an hour every day and enjoy it. When he went back to work, I couldnt lift by myself. It was just too hard to get started. But now I lift for 0 period at school

I agree with everyone. Schedule a time each day to get a good workout in. Don’t make excuses for not having time. Have a set of goals and what you want to accomplish. This is what will separates you from everyone else. Keep yourself motivated and just remember there is someone somewhere else who is working harder than you are.

I also have a quote from my coach…
the other day after a long practice my coach my talking about how we have to care about the game. He used horse racing as an example. He said, “Do you think a horse cares when he gets passed by another horse” His response was, “the good ones do.” Just something I thought was interesting to think about and also a point to be made here. You have to care about what you are doing, nobody is gonna force you to go and workout, you have to want to do it.

an intense workout partner

I look in the mirror to get motivated.

Is that good or bad?

That’s dangerous :roll:

You can find a friend, you can listen to music, but the fact is is that you’ll only be as good as you want to be. I believe that there is natural ability in pitching. For a very very very very very rare few this can get them to the big leagues. But for most people, it’s alot of work that needs to be put in just to make them a better high school player. Baseball is an extremely complex game with many skills involved. Pitching is complex in it’s own right.

Certainly there are plenty of people in your respective high schools or colleges or professional organizations that are willing to take your spot. Some of these people may even be your friends. Fact remains, some people just don’t have “it”. “It” refers to desire and passion. If this doesn’t get you fired up to get better…hmmm…well good luck!