I can't get my 2 seam fastball to move

I cant get my 2 seam fastball to move like it should.

Does anybody know why and what I could do?

try putting alittle more pressure on or index finger when u throw it it should tail away

ok thanks… I will try that tonight because I am supposed to pitch tonight in JV. I will post and tell you what it did.

make sure your staying behind it and getting those seams to rotate.

i would suggest just throwing it as much as you can to get used to it, even if it does not look like it has any movement, it may just be a couple inches, but thats all you need. try pitching it to someone and ask them if it moves at all, and if it does how so? it should(or at least it does for me) down and to the right(for righties) the to the right part might just be the way i throw, as iv been told my motion has a natural tailing action.

It also may depend on your arm slot. If you are throwing from way up on top, your pitches are probably not going to move as well. It also depends on what you are trying to do with the ball. What arm slot are you using? Ian

i just throw a normal overhand. when my arm is tired(but not hurting) and i throw it it breaks like crazy.

good thoughts on 2 seam movement from what i can see.