I Can't Drive 55: So Why Throw 55?

Does anyone remember Sammy Hagar? His hit single I Can’t Drive 55: Sammy Hagar 1984

Well, maybe today Sammy does drive 55 now that he’s 73 going on 74 years-old. So Sammy, this is what I’m gonna do:

The 90 mph at 60 years-old challenge: With The Nutty Professor of Sports

That’s right: I will attempt to throw 90 mph at 60 years-old. I may only reach 80 mph, but I think it’s worth a try to do-or-die.

Perhaps the only pitcher I know of who could have thrown 90 mph at 60 was the great Satchel Paige. Here he is at 51 throwing some heat in Miami: Satchel Paige at 51 years-old

On the side of humor: Larry the Cable Guy said he could throw 95 mph in college, but nowadays only 52 mph: See the video: Larry the Cable Guy Throws 52 mph

And sportscaster Kenny Mayne (recently canned at ESPN) made an attempt in 2019 to throw 75 mph at age 59. He came up a few miles short on his “1st Pitch” in Seattle: Kenny’s Quest for 75 mph.

Back in the day (i.e., 35 years ago) I could throw 95 mph on a hot day before it all came to an end with multiple arm injuries (shoulder and elbow). I could also throw a baseball more than 360 feet. Nowadays, maybe 70 yards on a good day.

I can still hit a powerful tennis serve: Professor Tennis

I will be using the pitching mechanics of Steve “Dalko” Dalkowski (1939 - 2020) to try to reach 90 mph. As a physics professor (who used to throw hard) I conducted a semi-empirical study of Dalko - The Fastest Fastballer in Baseball History: Steve “Dalko” Dalkowski

More to follow:

BTW: You will never be heard in the herd. So be heard by leaving the herd.