I cannot throw a ball with 2 fingers

people have a middle finger longer than index finger…

My middle finger always changes spin or direction of my baseball at the last moment. Because middle finger is longer index finger… !!! :frowning:

I can`t understand how throw a baseball straight.
I have the correct grip of baseball(4seam), and tried many times to
move my power of two fingers to the ball.

I`m sorry i have a bad English. But I really want to know that…

dude, thats good

yea the gap in the fingers should give lots of movement but maybe you should try spreading out your fingers a bit more and make sure you stay on top of the ball

Hmm I kind of have the same problem here.
Sometimes I can feel the ball not coming out from both fingers. It’s like it’s coming out more from my index finger, not throwing square to the plate.

I’m trying to throw it more square and I’m getting good results. When I can get the ball to come out from both fingers perfectly the ball will just go and hit the glove perfectly.
But when I can’t do that, the ball will just fall to the side and into the dirt. Like it’s more of a slider.
This is probably one of the main reasons I’m having lots of control problems.

My good friend and major league pitcher Sergio Mitre couldn’t throw a fastball straight either. So while he tries to figure it out, he can spend his $438,000.00 major league salary.

Movement is one of those things you’ve either got, or you don’t. It’s arm slot, delivery, finger length, release angle, wrist angle all tied together. It’s been my experience that if you don’t have movement on your fastball to begin with, you can’t teach it or train it.

I wouldn’t worry so much about making your pitches straighter as much as I’d work to develop arm strength and sound mechanics so that you can couple that moving pitch with some good, hard, velocity. That’s why Mitre’s a pro.

I wouldnt think movement is a good thing. As a pitcher , any pitch that would make a batter have to use extra effort to hit is a good thing. Instead of hitting a baseball thats on a straight path he has to adjust thus somewhat changing his natural swing.

Movement is great, but it’s kind of worthless unless you can control it.
I think this guy’s problem is just like mine. I can get some downward movement on my fastball, but the problem is, I can’t throw it for strikes a lot. I end up walking too many guys.
I’m working on squaring up more to the plate with my hand/fingers and I’m getting a more straight fastball (with better velocity and better control).

I think that try and add some movement to the fastball is a great thing, but you need to be able to control your fastball before you start getting more movement on it.