I was bored and just done with my workouts so I tought mm lets ask about this :wink:

When I was getting close to finishing my PT a while back, the therapist asked me if my left shoulder would have the same pain if he pushed on it. Lying on my back, arm in 90 degree angle, he would push on my shoulder, then put my fore arm back and then take the pressure of my shoulder. Well when he did that. It DID hurt the same as my right shoulder!

He said I had this syndrome in my shoulder( and yeh, the docters where wrong! i’ve had tons of PT for the wrong stuff, MRI scan, needles you name it )

Hypermobility (also called extreme-flex, Hypermobility Syndrome, Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome or hyperlaxity) describes joints that stretch farther than is normal. For example, some hypermobile people can bend their thumbs backwards to their wrists, bend their knee joints backwards, put their leg behind the head or other contortionist performances. It can affect a single joint or multiple joints throughout the body.

Now I simply have to keep doing my workouts, specially my shoulder. and a proper warm up. Cold weather would still not let me pitch without pain 'cuz im having trouble keeping warm and loose.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone heard of it or got it diagnosed aswell.

Just out curiousity:)!


Well first, I am unsure why you would have any pain with hyper-mobility. I do not believe this should be the natural case. Usually hyper-mobility means that this should not be happening.

In any case, this is very very common among professional baseball players. It is said that some obscene amount of professional pitchers have this. Something as high as like 90% or so I believe. Of course the national statistic is relatively low, so this could mean that it is a selective advantage for baseball players, but only in subjective cases. It all depends on how your joints move in their sockets and such. If in any case there is any poping it is a great disadvantage.

I have also been diagnosed with hyper-mobility in my shoulders. I haven’t asked about anything else besides the shoulder, but I know I have it in my shoulder.

What they told me was that It hurted because I did not maintain my shoulders strenght , to much throwing, little rest. resulting into shitty muscle balance and pretty much everything else in my shoulder. I could almost dislocate my shoulderjoint just by pushing on it. Cant do that now since im taking care of it. ( and a little mechanics flaw also )

But yes you are right, its an advantage for sure!

But my PT kept hammering on those workouts. " If you dont , Its gonna hurt again and put you out of rotation for another 2 years!"

They used to call that phenomenon “being double-jointed”. I would say that if one could learn to work with it s/he would have a distinct advantage. :slight_smile:

I have hypermobility and I have found that the key to staying healthy with the condition is to not only put your active muscles in your forearms, but also the small stabilizer muscles that many forget about. If you work these out properly you will become much stronger and become far less prone to injury.

Look into using a BFST wrap on those cold days you have issues. Helps stimulate the blood flow right through the area. Might reduce the pain you have. http://kingbrand.com/Shoulder-Home.php?REF=34PV527.1443