Hurt vs. Sore

As a pitcher, it’s important to know the difference between being hurt, and being sore. How do you tell the difference? What tips can you share that would help someone else differentiate between the two?

I’ve usually differentiated soreness vs pain to dull vs sharp.

If the feeling is dull aching pain that feels better with stretching even for a little while I usually chalked it up to soreness.

If the feeling is sharp burning or stabbing that is aggravated with stretching or other aggressive movement, time to see the doc.

Be advised there is no science backing my theory.
I’ve just been hurt a lot. :lol:

I would definitely define being hurt as the inability to perform due to excruciating sharp pain. For example, if your arm is hurt, you will most likely be unable to throw at all. If you have a pulled quad, you will have difficulty running. Soreness on the other hand, is just muscle tightness along with a limited amount of pain. However, not enough pain to inhibit any type of athletic motion.