Hurt arm and velocity loss

OK so basically im 6’2 in 10th grade at a 4a school in houston texas. i got called up at the end of last season on varsity and the varsity games they get gunned. I pitched and they gunned my fastball from 79-83. I felt fine then i had to pitch in a playoff game and i was throwing slower 74-77 and my shoulder felt crappy. and it just keep getting worse. so i took a while off until the end of summer ball i didnt throw tell this game i came in and was throwing my basic 79-83. so i was happy then i started to throw after that long toss and so on. then my arm hurt again and i tried to pitch and i was throwing like 72 or some bullshit like that with no control. i cant freaking figure it out like i think i changed my arm angle and it puts alot of stress on my shoulder i forgot how to just throw without hurting my shoulder i mainly frogot how to reach back when im pitching like i reach straight back and i think i put ALOT of strees on my shoulder. Does that should like it could be right. i dont know can somebody give me a video or tell me how to reach back correctlly

what do you mean by reach back?

Also do you have any other small injury’s that could be bothering you on anyother body part on the body? Ex. Foot sprain or Blister on foot or anything beside the arm injury on the body?

no other injuries just the front of my shoulder. when i say reach back i mean like when a pitcher is drawing his arm back to throw i used to do it right and then i started throwing a weird 3/4 arm angle and i reached stright back before i threw

Ok I have a couple of q’s

How old are you?
How much throwing have you been doing?
What’s your conditioning like?

im 16. hardly any maybe once a week. im in pretty good shape i ran a 8 30 mile after not running in months im 6’2 190

Ok it’s prob a mechanical thing so a video would be good idea if you have a video camera. What exercises do you do inbetween each time pitching? If you don’t condition to pitch then lots of things can go wrong.

"Ok it’s prob a mechanical thing "

We want this kid to find out what is wrong from a doctor, we want him diagnosed and treated for whatever the issue may be. We have no way of knowing what or why and we have no business looking at anything until he’s throwing pain free.
So first, go to a doctor and get better, then if you still have issues or just want to share, THEN post a video and we all will give it a look.

i think you should warm up more before you go full speed

Interesting, my 15yo junior just ran his mile under 6 minutes. He hadn’t done much running either.

I recommend you follow JD’s advice and see a doctor. It sounds like you’ve either got a serious shoulder problem or some tightness in the shoulder that could lead to a serious problem. Shoulder INJURIES lead very quickly to loss of velocity.

I have had a very similar experience to what you are having. I came into my freshman year ( last year) throwing 81-86. Towards the end of the year I was having some problems with my shoulder and every time I pitched it would kill. I could tell there was a big drop in velocity as well. I didn’t think too much of it, so i took a few weeks off and came back and tried to throw and the pain was still there. So I decided to go see a doctor. They recommended that I get and MRI done which I did. It turned out that I had a torn labram in my shoulder and I had to get surgery, and I just now starting to get back to full strength. So I agree with JD, and you should see a doctor.

This just goes to show how asking a message board is a BAD IDEA it also goes to show how inexperienced you are RIstar (someone who had an elbow injury according to your website), you of all people should know better then this.

As many others have suggested GO SEE A DOC ASAP.

I agree with all of this, it annoys me when people are asking for medical advice over the internet. I mean it’s one thing if you know you’ve been diagnosed with a specific injury or drawback and ask “what’s a good rehab program?” and a completely different thing to ask “what’s wrong with me?”

:evil: :nono:

if you have pain in the front of the shoulder that is more than stiffness (goes away after warming up), you have a problem. the question is how severe it is. it can range from simple tendonitis that will go away and get much better after rest and anti-inflammatories and strength training, or you could have a serious labrum or rotator cuff injury that could take a year to heal properly. serious injuries don’t get magically better on their own very often. you must see a dr. NOW!

if it continues to hurt when you begin throwing after an extended rest you have stretched or torn something in your shoulder. this must be looked at and diagnosed by an orthopedic dr that knows what they are doing.

the only way they know for sure is to do a dye/mri scan of the shoulder if the pain persists after an extended rest and rehab training. if you haven’t been to the doc you need to go, the longer you wait with something serious, the longer it will take you to complete rehab if you’re lucky enough to have a stretch or minor tear (why you stop immediately when you have pain and begin rehab and strengthening under the SUPERVISION OF A SPECIALIST. not on the recommendation of a website rat like me that knows just enough to be dangerous.

we were fortunate. looks like we just had tendonitis from a short period of overuse. our strength and range of motion came back, and the pain went away. but i know how scary that can be.

remember, throwing a baseball overhand repeatedly is a dangerous activity if you don’t take care and caution.

let us know what the doc says. hope you’re fine.