HURDLES/plyo boxes

How do you feel about using plyometric boxes and hurdles in conjunction with all the agility /speed drills. I’ve seen a noticeable strength difference in all my players, especially in the abs and lower body. I think it creates a strong base for any position and in the box as well. NOTE: with the boxes we STEP OFF each box and explosde up. We do not land hard and explode which I feel jams the knees. I always end with these AFTER doing all the other agility work and warmups.

The most explosive agility movements may best be trained immediately after the warm-up, not after other agility drills. When designing an agility program for baseball players – which is great! – it’s a good idea to perform the most explosive movements, first, in order to reap the full benefit of the movement. Then digress finishing with the “least explosive” movements last.

Same rule holds true with medicine ball plyometric work.

Those explosive exercises should be done at the beginning of a workout (after warming up). You won’t get as much explosiveness and you increase risk of injury when you are already tired. These explosive exercises are probably more important than most agility drills also.