Humerus Bruising

Hey Guys,

Went to the doctor this morning because my arm has been hurting when I pitch. He did various stress tests and concluded that my humerus is bruised above my elbow and that if I keep throwing while it’s injured, I can stress fracture it.

Have any of you encountered a bruised humerus before? Is this common? He told me to rest it for two weeks and ease back into throwing, and not to pitch until I can throw pretty hard without any pain.

Your doctor is right.
The humerus is also known as the “funnybone”—so called because there is nothing funny about when it’s injured in any way. Your best bet is to rest it for two, maybe three weeks, then start gettingback into throwing, easy at first. No sense compounding the felony. And no, I never experienced that, but I have known pitchers who did, and I would give them the same advice—lay off for a couple of weeks, give it a rest, then ease back into throwing. 8)

OK cool, thanks for the confirmation! I wasn’t doubting the doc, but I had never heard of it before so I figured I’d see if any of you have.

Thanks again!

Also, do you have any recommendations for easing back into throwing? Perhaps a schedule I might be able to follow?

The ASMI interval throwing program is often used for this kind of recovery. Look in this research paper for more info:

Thanks so much Kyle! That is an awesome read, I will for sure work through that recovery program!

About 4 years ago i broke my humerous while pitching, it took me 3 years to feel comfortable on the mound again and just recently i started to throw hard again the pain afterwards is just in the right place it’s in my shoulder instaed of my elbow. all i’m saying is i learned to throw over the top which is more of a natural motion. this causes less pain and also gets great movement i combined that with keeping my front shoulder closed as long as i can which keep me around the plate and gets a little deception as well.