Hughie Baker, 12U lefty - regular delivery

Any thoughts on on sons regular delivery much appreciated?
Patrick Baker

Hey Patrick
Same can be said in his regular delivery. Lack of early weight shift. Take a look at the video analysis from the slide step for more details. Again, there are a lot of nice things happening throughout his delivery. What I would work on is teaching him how to use ground force to help move him down the mound prior to hand break

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Explosivepitching is spot on. He knows what he’s talking about. I would add a small detail about his stride foot in knee lift. I really like to see a kid’s foot lined up with his knee. Your son’s is behind his knee. Good idea to keep everything lined up and explosive. Good luck!!!

Thx for input. I will try find real time video to upload for perspective in a game. Great site

Looks like an ace pitcher for 12U!

Start with a bend in both knees instead of a straight back leg, seems like an abrupt knee pop is going on as he initiates his delivery.
Move the resting glove back towards the rubber when hands are together to help with keeping weight back
Keep the ankle under the knee and foot relaxed during leg lift
Lower the glove and separate hands when lifted leg starts to drop
Fall forward, leading with the hip a bit more as the leg starts to drop ’ Point your hip at the glove’
Not much foot drag, and it is off-center (should follow the centerline) - so start the delivery from the right of the rubber.
Great glove arm and follow-through

Too far in front with his lead leg; the arm lags behind.

Check another lefty who threw 110 mph with perfect timing and a bent front leg, which allows for a more powerful follow-through: New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball