Http:// issues

Anyone use that site and have problems with a user named

He basically just tried to ‘help’ me by telling to buy a program. He then went on to claim I was disrespectful and continued to be rude and off-topic.

I just found out how to ‘block’ people on there, so I shouldn’t have any problems with him anymore, but I was curious to see if anyone else who uses that site has had a problem with that user.

No I have not had issues like that on there but I don’t think they have any direct policies against commercial things either. Here things seem to be taken care of fairly quickly so I just use hsbaseball site more for reading not for comments.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I read the posts and its nothing to get hot under the collar about.

I’d use HSBBW as a site for the recruiting process and exposure stuff and stick to LTP for mech’s.

Yah grain of salt it Jim, BOF is good folks, the folks generally “try” to help, you do have to consider the perspective of the forum and poster, most over there are parents who went through the hs “experience” and so are not “as” involved as they used to be, Brent is a hard marketeer and has been participating on many of the forums so he’s struck a chord there with Wog…heck he isn’t the only one I’ve heard talking about him…it was his input that you continue with the program you began…accept that with respect for his caring enough to add it in…so you won’t be doing lunch with him…he did care to participate…as an ump I’d say…“play on”.

Thanks for the comments!

I used there hitting forum as well as pitching one. Just to see what people would say.

I wasn’t really expecting a ton of good feedback, but if a bunch of people are saying the same thing, I might notice something in my mechanics.