HS Soph Looking for feedback

Looking for some feedback on my delivery.

Definately could work on driving hips toward home more agressively.

I agree with buwhite. Your drive toward home needs to be more agressive.

I think your mechanics otherwise look pretty solid.

Are there any drills that would help with gettigng more drive?

You could start with the Hersheiser drill. It’s a really good drill for getting the hips moving to the target.

Sorry I don’t know how to post the video. There are several threads here with the video in them or you can find it on you tube.

Rhythm>Mechanics any day… your biggest thing is you need to relax… you look like a pitching machine… you have a good body, use it… loosen up when you come set… you can keep your arms there but you look like you are choking someone… relax bro