HS Routine

Our guys follow this routine.

Start Day

Day 1 : Running distance (poles), static and dynamic stretching, band work.
Day 2 : Running, dynamic stretching, band work, light throwing out to 60 feet
Day 3 : Running sprints, dynamic stretching, loose long tossing including a
pull down phase
Day 4 : Running sprints, dynamic stretching, bullpen session
Day 5 : Running distance (poles), stretch, light throwing out to 90 feet with
loose easy motion
Day 6 : Start

All of our pitchers are also position players. They usually get their work in at the beginning of practice.

Bullpen sessions usually consist of a good warm up before taking the mound. On the mound our pitchers work on location and finding their release points. A typical session might be:
Fastballs. 2 and 4 seam
10 fastballs inside
10 fastballs outside
staying away from the middle of the plate
10 changeups, concentrating on keeping it down in the zone
Breaking Balls
10 Curve balls, sliders
Basically working on whats needed. Rotation or location or both.
Finish with 5 fastballs to each side of the plate.

Gameday setup is typically:
Begins 45 minutes prior to the start
-Static and dynamic stretch with his catcher,
-light jog, usually two poles with his catcher,
-a game of catch to get loose from flat ground, concentrating on good stretch in the arm, shoulder, back, and legs
-take the pen mound and work all of their pitches, checking location and getting game loose. Usually our guys will go fastball, change, breaker and finish with fastballs like their pen.
However, we typically let them decide what they feel they need to throw to get ready and also when to “light it up” toward the end of their warm up.