HS Pitching Limitations

I didn’t know where else to put this. :oops:

Well, its taking me quite a bit of time searching, but I’m gainin’ on finding the pitch limits for every state assn in the country.

It shouldn’t take anyone very long to see that the area of national HS pitch limits suffers from a lack of coordination. :wink:

If anyone can provide a link for any state that I still have listed as N/A or if they know of someplace in South Dakota or Wyoming that lists baseball as a sport in that state, I’d appreciate the help.


i look for illinois for you since i live in it

sorry i thought my school would have the rules no their website but they dont :frowning:

Wow, looking up my state that is a enormous number of innings.

[quote]Pitchers in baseball may pitch only nine innings in any one day.
A pitcher is allowed a maximum accumulation of 12 innings during any 48 hour period.[/quote]

Guess that is the way it is in High School.

Idk if this is a league thing or state thing but I believe we can’t pitch more than 10 innings a week.

If you looked a Ohio on the list, you’d have seen you were close, but no cigar! :wink:

But that’s exactly what forums like this are supposed to take care of. Here’s the Ohio limitations. As you can see, there’s a huge difference between 10 innings a week, and the Ohio limits. See if you can figure out how many innings a week a kid in an Ohio HS can legally pitch in a week. :wink:

“10-inning limit per pitcher over the course of three days”

Don’t feel at all like you’re alone! I’m telling you that its difficult finding the pitching limitations for a lot of states!

I know a lot of people get angry at me because I often come off as being anti-coach or anti-“expert”, but here’s a perfect example of why I’m like that. Many would just advise you to ask your coach, and many others would demonstrate their expertise by reciting what they THOUGHT was the rule, and I guarantee you that more often than not, they’d be wrong. That doesn’t make them bad people though, it just makes them NORMAL!

Its virtually impossible to memorize every word of every rule, and what very often happens if you don’t look it up for yourself, is exactly what happened to TheUnDiscovered. He got it partly right, but as you can see, the difference changed the meaning immensely.

Go to http://www.nfhs.org/stateoff.aspx and find your state association’s link. Then go to that web site and look around! You’d be amazed at how many student athletes and their parents never do that, then end up trusting what someone tells them. Don’t be like that! Find out for yourself, and encourage your friends to do the same!

When you get there, click on every link you can find too! IHSA like most other state assns, not only has a lot of great information about sports, they also have a store!

And if you come across the pitching limitation rules, don’t forget me! :wink:

FWIW, I’ve just found out that MA doesn’t use NFHS rules for either baseball or football.