HS JV tryouts: need advice

im going to tryout for the JV team in march. im 5’6, 135 lbs. i throw a 4 seam fastball from mid 70’s to high 70’s, a 2-seam fastball from high 60’s to low 70’s, and a changeup with an occasional curveball (which btw has a very sharp break). im 14 yrs old. during the 8th grade season, i relyed on control and threw from low to mid 60’s. but my success, which i had alot of, was with control. during the summer, my velocity drastically increased. now in fallball, i have ease blowing hitters away, but when you look at the scorebook, i would throw 100 pitches, and 55 of the would be for strikes. i may strike out 9 people, but i would walk 7. i had trouble going 0-2 on hitters alot, and went into alot of deep counts. sometimes i would go 0-2, and then walk him. idk if its my mechanics, but i got lots of lessons and some results, but now im back to square one. i know for a fact i have the talent, thats what every coach i see tells me. i cant upload pictures now, but i will. need advice and help. but for now, my motion is somewhat like Scott Kazmir from the Tampa Bay Devil Ray’s, and i take long leg strikes, but sometimes fall of the mound. advice on anything would be great. also, instructional videos or books would be fantastic. thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

i just played jv this past spring and coaches preached control, kids got cut who threw 75 and kids made the team, like myself who toned it down a notch, hit their spots and changed speeds.

Don’t forget HUSTLE, every Coach loves players who hustle everywhere, never walk on the ball field!

first, remember you don’t go after a strikeout until you have to strikes on the hitter. Until you have two strikes, your number one goal is for them to make weak contact. Your in high school, so if you throw a fastball on the inside corner essentially anywhere they won’t hit it far-weak groundouts and popups. Mechanics are probably not the problem with your struggling with 0-2 counts-if you had bad mechanics, you’d most likely have bad control and would therefore have trouble getting to 0-2 consistently. Your mechanics could be a problem-7 walks is a major problem, but if its mostly on 0-2 counts or they often come in succession, its probably mental. Once you have two strikes, dont waste pitches like most coaches say-its ridiculous. Bob Gibson would say that he doesnt waste pitches, he goes right after the hitter with his best pitch, either the great fastball or breaking ball. Go with your best pitch and trust it. If its your fastball, throw it 2-3 inches off the outside corner-they cant hit it nor can they afford not to swing. Part of its also mentality-if you think you’re gonna have trouble throwing a strike at 0-2, you will. Visualize where the pitch will be and know that you can throw that pitch. As far as books go, my bible is the Art of Pitching by Dr. John Bagonzi, but also get The Mental A, B, C’s of pitching, I forgot who its by though.

an additional suggestion. Don’t save a pitch as your “out pitch” mix speeds, don’t let the hitter know what’s coming by throwing in patterns.