HS Junior, trying to join the team


So I’m trying to make the baseball team. I’ve never been a pitcher and I want to make it on as at least a reliever. I can throw a palm ball changeup, but I need one more pitch. I’d prefer something with a little more zing, but still with some movement. The for that is that I have little control on my four seam when I throw it. After the second pitch, is that all I need, or should I add a third pitch. Thanks to all that can help.


Ethan, I just posted something that can help answer some of your questions.

I don’t think it’s too late for you since you are only 16/17. However, my conversation with our HS coach yesterday was that he would ONLY select kids that could help him win games. With that being said, you are only looking at two more HS years at most, and I really don’t know your skills, or you will make the varsity team. But I would encourage you to set a goal and work towards that goal!

Yes, you will need to develop other pitches in order to be “more” effective. Learning new things is part of the fun.

Best luck to you.