HS Jr Lefty-preseason work

Would like some input. Have worked on weight shift, posting foot position maintaining push off on entire foot, and trying to move sideways longer and preventing early hip rotation.

Thanks for any comments!

Your mechanics are really good. The one thing I noticed is that you start all your momentum going back as you lift up your leg, and then you move forwards. Instead, try going foward earlier during your leg lift. But, if it’s uncomfortable for you, keep doing what you’re doing. How hard are you throwin?

Thanks for the suggestion. I was directed to make sure i get my weight back. I use to be kind of a tall and fall pitcher and got my weight moving to the plate during leg lift. I couldn’t brace up correctly. My stride may have been too long as i used to get out to almost seven feet. I am 6’4". Since i started with the change the past fall i’ve added about 8-10 mph to my velocity. Stride length is about my height now.
Not sure what my velocity is now but at last check in early Feb was 78-80. I had my first start Saturday and got 7 k’s in 3 innings. Ump wasn’t giving any inside corners and i walked 4 the first inning. Once i realized i wasn’t going to get the inside strike i was fine, but pitch count got over 70 and coach took me out winning 4-2. My dad said i was pitching harder than ever.

You appear to have very nice mechanics, I def. like what I see. The only two things I would say is about your follow through and your glove arm action. Your glove arm tended to hook around your shoulder (kinda hard to explain it, if you look at the video you might get what I mean). Follow through is mostly good, but sometimes you would kind of whip back up. You didn’t most of the time but just to make sure that you stay consistent. Seriously looked really good to me though, but hey, I’m just a high school senior myself, but like to think I have done extensive research on mechanics.