Hs freshman road to success

5 11’ 170 freshman rhp; first day doing this, school season just ended, made varsity roster didn’t pitch though, travel baseball starts in a few days; im working out a lot, mostly plyometrics and explosive stuff because im in season, trying to find a routine with my mechanics but struggling because ive been making so many changes. double header in a few days

first game for the travel ball team, didn’t do as I hoped, barely played, made a dumb error, walked 5 in 2 1/3 innings, forearm tight, knees, and shoulder and elbow are hurtin

Sounds like you could use a rest…

Yeah it does sound like you could use a rest.

Was the control problems due to nerves?

kinda, my mechanics seemed to fall apart in the last inning

What mechanical work do you do?

What’s your plan to prevent that from happening again?

How’s the body feel today?

I just repeat my mechanics in front of a mirror. next time im going to stay relaxed and keep the same mentality on the mound that I have when warming up in the bullpen. Body feels better today, I had a pitching lesson today went well, plan on resting my arm, maybe doin some abdominal and leg work to get ready for my tournament on thursday

Sounds like a good plan. Hopefully it works for you.

Good to hear the body is feeling better.

four day tournament, only started one game, did well though. The director of my entire travel ball organization was there. I pitched five innings to another competitive travel ball team. No hits, but in the fifth inning, i walked three and hit two batters on the first pitch, a bad ending. The director of the organization is a good pitching instructor and he said that i was throwing low eighties when i should be throwing high eighties. The one mechanical tip he gave me was to not rotate my hips sideways, but to go “up and over”. He was happy with my performance and this week I plan to do some long toss, some upper body work (because my back was sore the day after throwing), plyometrics, stretching, and shoulder work. He’ll be at my next tournament so I’m hoping to impress.

Good stuff and good luck

day before the 16u 4 day tournament, elbows a little tired from practicing pitching, icing it today nd tomorow morning in case they want me to pitch tomorrow, because i think we’re playing a pretty good team tomorrow. Hoping to build upon last performance.

dreamer23, I’m right there with you, I also am/was a Freshman and had a really solid high school season. Playing travel ball with a College Showcase team playing mainly Jr’s and graduated seniors. I have had so many ups and downs this summer already too. I know I am getting so much better and gonna be in a great position for next year and the following years because of all the extra effort I’m putting in…I keep thinking, It’s not about today, it’s about the future…College and maybe more.

okey dokey, so this weekend wasn’t what i was hoping for. We played in a 16 tournament, started one game in the field, went 0 for 1 with 3 walks. Then we got to elimination round, they started me against the same team that i pitched against the week before, a pretty good team. I thought that was weird cause we had three good pitchers including myself that could’ve started that game. Well we had like five minutes to warm up, long story why, but its easy to see how when you don’t establish your stuff in the bullpen how you’ll struggle when it comes gametime. So I pitched three ugly shutout innings, walks got me into jams again. But i felt like my mechanics were better than normal, and my fastball was pretty accurate it would only miss by a little if it ever missed, and i think its due to my front arm. I would always get behind in the count, and coach kept calling my curve and change, which are usually good, but because i didn’t have tht much time to work on them pregame, they weren’t really there. they didn’t want me giving up any runs, because it was a tight game, so they brought in another pitcher and he finished the game and we won 3-0. We made it to the elite eight, went 5-1, in a 16u tournament with about 45 teams. I hope i pitch more next week, we’re in a week long tourney next week. I felt kinda fatigued this weekend so I’m going to do more weights than i did the week before. Next time i’m hopin to get a better pregame is and put on a show. Parents being super critical of me has not proved to help btw.

day before week long tournament biggest 15u tournament in the country, feel great. went to gym more this week and i think it helped. mechanics seem to be coming more naturally. feeling more confident in my curve. when i pitch this coming week, i plan on starting slow in warmups to get my mechanics down and then speed things up. It sounds obvious but i think its one thing i havent done and thats hurt me. hoping for the best this week, people say theres tons of scouts at this tournament, even for 15u, we’ll see i guess.

Good luck. Remember to stay within yourself and only be concerned with what you can directly control.

long week, started one game at this big complex. so the balls they have at this specific tournament had literally less seams than the professional baseballs, so hardly anyone was able to throw a curve consistently for a strike. And i don’t really have that good of a changeup, so this game i was really throwing my fastball mostly. For 4 innings, i did good. 6 strikeouts, two hits i think, but neither of those should have been hits. One was a groundball that my third baseman dove OVER. the other was a first pitch changeup that my coach called? i dont have a very good changeup. Three walks, but only one of those were actually my fault. Two were due to my coach calling bad pitches, he called offspeed, just because they were hitters in the meat of the lineup. Even though there were two outs and no one on, and he didn’t care if i walked him. One of the runners stole second, and got to third ground ball, and scored on a wild pitch (my fault). He only got on base because of my coach tho. In the fifth inning, i was extremely tired, it had been a long, hot game at 90 plus degrees. I got the first two outs, then i got a ground ball that my third baseman made an error on. Then, he stole second (I WAS DOING ALL I COULD TO HOLD THE RUNNERS ON). Then i got another very weak ground ball, but because my second baseman was holding the runner on second, which my coach told him not to, and the groundball got through. then, well, i couldn’t throw a strike for the life of me, i walked four straight, and i can only think it was because my stride and my backswing, because i was missing consistently high or in the dirt. An article was written about the game and said that i allowed 7 runs in 5 innings. that made me mad. What else could i have done besides holding runners on and throwing strikes in the end of the fifth inning? Well, they had radar guns at this tournament, and i was sitting at 84, and i hit 88. I feel that’s due to the gym work earlier in the week. I’m glad about that, and i feel like my mechanics were better. I hit one game and went 1-3, with a hit up the middle, a strikeout (my coach told me to bunt with two strikes) and a pop out. My team did bad this tournament hitting, and i can hit better than half of these players, but as i’ve made clear, my coach is mentally retarded.

i plan on going to the gym everyday this week to keep improving and increasing my velocity, also doing some stretching and other exercises to make my arm and body more agile and quicker. Still practicing my mechanics, i seem to have developed a pretty good routine. Really hoping my curve is working next week. My coach only saw it a few times the first tiime i pitched and it hasn’t been there since. If my curve is doing good i’ll be a dominant pitcher. hope they have radar guns at this tournament so i can see my progress. maybe hit 90 fingers crossed. also hoping to have a dominant start and live up to my potential.

Keep working at it. Sounds like you’re making progress.

been working out a lot this week, doing more freeweights then before. I’m also doing a lot of flexibility exercises and long toss and practicing my mechanics. Can’t wait till the tournament this weekend to see if how much all this is going to help me

pitched a little yesterday felt pretty good, curve was looking better. working out has helped i gained 4 pounds this week with all my effort. Neck and shoulder are hurtin i plan on restin those and my arm and just keep practicing mechanics until the tournament