HS Freshman Any Critique would be greatly appreciated

Back View

Side View

Somewhat of a front view

My motion just doesn’t feel fluid. I still throw a good speed for my age but I feel like I could be throwing harder if not for some mechanical flaws.

Your mechanics don’t feel fluid because they aren’t.
At your stride it looks like you are trying to land toe first with your stride leg, causing a hitch or a bit of a hop to foot plant. This hitch is killing your leg drive momentum to the plate.

Arm action looks pretty good. I would work on becoming more fluid with your legs.

Thanks for the advice. Definitely something I’m going to fix.

You pitch like this dude. You might be a little different, but it is still a very good analysis and you can learn from it.

Thanks for the video. I was opening up early just like the dude.

It kind of looks like you are “jumping” off the rubber.