HS Baseball

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! For Christmas, I received a new book called Coach by Micheal Lewis. The book follows his old HS baseball coach into this generation. The book is about 100 pages and is a very short read. Remeber, Lewis is the author who changed the landscape of baseball with the book Moneyball. This book is excellent. Every HS coach should read it and many can identify with the feelings Lewis explains. If any coach out there has struggled dealing with parents, you must read a copy of this!

Coach Kreber

thanks for the book suggestion. i found moneyball to be interesting.
another great book about high school athletics is about basketball but i think great for any high school coach or athlete to read is “miracle at st. anthony’s” one of the best sports books ive ever read.
ive seen that and i’ll go tomorrow and buy. thanks coach for the recomendation.

Moneyball was good, but my favorite baseball book so far is Three Nights in August by Buzz Bisinger with Tony LaRussa. Great book.