HS ball


What tips do you guys have for cold weather pitching during the beginning of the season?


Start out with a good full body, mobility sort of warm up. Get the blood flowing first. Before throwing, a full body warm up, wrist weights, bands and a good gradual warm up.
Makes me crazy to see a kid jump up off the bench and go the pen and start throwing off the mound with no warm up, in a hurry to come in, on a 40 degree day (any day actually). Makes me even crazier to see a guy come from a fielding spot to the mound, get his 8 warm up throws, then be expected to pitch. This just shows disorganization by the coach.
If my son was not in the field he would do some band work every couple of innings and run down to a pole and back every other inning. Even if he was not supposed to play he would do this. Keep you body moving.


Personally, I have always worn a lot more clothing than necessary. Sleeves are a must when throwing both in cold weather and hot. But especially in cold weather.


And, when you are pitching, have something warm in the dugout to put on and at least keep the upper body warm.


Agree. Compression sleeves all the way up to 80 degrees.


please wear your jacket through out your warm up. getting your core temp up is going to be much easier if you leave your Hoodie and sleeves on.

but anyways, get a few poles in to loosen up, then I like to go run about 6 90 yard sprints followed by agility ladders. I’ll go through a dynamic warm up and get the trainer to stretch out my arm, shoulders and back and align my hips and upper body.( sometimes alignment gets a touch out of whack in high school because of growth spurts and such, or at least for me.) then i like to loosen up with some light weighted ball tossing against a wall and run over some drills to feel out my mechanics then I get going. during the game, doing jbands can help keep your cuffs warm.


This is crazy. He’s got to warm up while your team is batting if he’s going out to a position.


Don’t know the rules for high school, I see it in travel ball tourneys still.


I see it in every level of youth baseball. In fact, it’s more common in 9-12 age group than the 13-15 year olds. I think coaches seriously believe that since the kids aren’t throwing hard, they don’t need to warm up.