Hows This look?

Sorry i dont have a camera but watever you can tell me from this picture would be great thanks and im not sure if i did the picture right if someone can help me out that would be awesome :lol:

I believe you front leg should be straight at follow through

Yeah my front leg usually is more straighter than that. That mound was really muddy so my stride wasnt really as long as it usually is. thanks

Looks good, you should probably tuck your glove into your chest though.

I think you mean this:

its not FYI. Be sure to click “full size image” on PhotoBucket.

Right on thanks Peavy

Can’t tell for sure but it looks like your back foot is glued to the rubber. If that’s true, you need to post up some video so we can figure out what else is wrong that is preventing your back foot from dragging away from the rubber and then lifting at about ball release.

Ill try and get a vid up next weekend. But i know what yoursaying. I know i was throwin a changeup on that pic and that my cleats were heavy from the mud so could be many things. This was just the first real footage of me pitching so i jumped on it to get it on here :lol: Am i releasing to early or something or is it to hard to tell anything?

i knew it was a change up!!! :d

I think it’s too hard to tell much of anything from that picture although I will say it appears you’ve done a good job of keeping your glove up in front.

OH NO!! i gott be more deceptive ! :lol: But thanks Roger i think our camera has a video thing on there so ill ask my dad to get some footage