Hows My Workout Routine

In season- Starting Pitcher
Day 0: pitch
Day 1
dynamic warmup
Deadlift one warmup set to 6, then 4x4
single leg squat to box 2x10 each side
free weight from squat 2x6
elevated single leg lunges 2x7 each leg
lateral lunges with green exercise tubing around knees (holding a 2lb med ball out front) 2x10
Reverse lunge into a single leg RDL 2x8
Y Ts Ls 3x10
floor swimmers 2x25
wall slides 2x25
DB pushups 2x10
Rows 2x12
Exercise bike highest level for 1 minute max effort

Day 2
Exercise bike
dynamic warmup
double handle explosive medicine ball wall touches
intensive medicine ball wall throws
Broad Jump

Day 3
20- 25 pitch Bullpen,
Repeat day 1, possibly replace the free weight front squat with 4 sled pushes 25 yards, as long as the facility has enough room for this

Day 4
Repeat day 2

Day 5

Day 6

damn whats up with all the tubing and lunges. Okay here is one for ya.

Day 0: pitch

Day 1: 10 sprints 90ft, 5 sprint 180ft, light catch

Day 2: 30 pitch bullpen, deadlift, barbell row, weighted pullups(5 x 5)

day 3: 10 sprints 90ft, 5 springs 180ft, light catch

Day 4: 30pitch bullpen, squats(5 sets of 5 reps),

Day 5: light jog, light catch, basically just resting

This is honestly all you need for the inseason i would think

You got your back and legs, which is honestly all you need. I myself like to bench press and work my triceps and biceps, but all you really need is a deadlift, row, and squats.

I would do 2 days of quick sprints as well as medium sprints(180ft). I would only long toss about once a week as well, just to air it out once in a while.

On day 5 just keep it light, you got to pitch the next day

Hopefully this helps.

This is just to maintain your strength and velocity

Your offseason is where you get all your strength and velocity.

You will probaly “Peak” in the middle to the end of the season as well, due to your arm getting use to the pitching.

Any other questions let me know.