How's it look

I was hoping to get some opinions on my 10 year olds delivery.He’s not the fastest pitcher but he is very accurate.Anything you think he should work on.Thanks for your opinions.

Sorry about all the pictures he’s the lefty #13 pitching

One thing that stands out is that he lets the glove swing out to the side. That can lead to early shoulder rotation which can steal velocity, impact control and put extra wear and tear on the arm as the pitcher attempts to play catch-up with the arm.

He needs to stabilize the glove in front of his torso.

I agree with Roger. Get him to stabilize his glove, and he’ll add some velocity & control.

Trust me on that one, Roger helped me with that, and now I can paint corners.

Thanks for the advice.We’ve been workin on his glove movement and it’s seemed to add a little extra pop.Playin for the state championship this week and his confidence is even higher now.