How Your son's life gets ruinined by tournements

The reason for injury at ages 6-18 is tourny’s and overuse and because most of the time kids mechanics don’t allow them to throw that much. I’m seeing it for my self when Kids on my team are burned out and have a tired are because of all the throwing. Including me with a tired arm that I’m going to take a week off till the next game.


Me I only played 3 games in three day’s but theres alot of throwing because you pitch and play position too.

I think we should all end weekend tourny’s and make them longger into the week.

I pulled myself out of 2 games this week because Of a arm that became inflammted and I couldn’t throw. Now MOST KIDS wouldn’t have taken there selfs out of the game because they need to prove they are good and don’t want to tell anyone they are tired. THis is a problem that needs to get fixed if we want are youths to be HEALTHY WHEN THEY PITCH.


What we do is track how many pitches every pitcher pitches and set limits. And if I’m gonna start the next game, I’ll play a less stressful position like outfield or 2nd base. Then after the game I start, I’ll be the DH. I guess it depends on how many quality pitchers your team has.

even doing that you have fielding practice and you have pre-game throws it all adds up at one point or another.

I think the main problem is the lack of an offseason in today’s game. Kids get involved in several different leagues and teams so that they are playing all year long. Even pros need an offseason to let themselves recover and rebuild for the next season. Parents should step back and let their kids play other sports and learn new things.

I was happy to see that Little League did set a pitch limit for each age group and mandatory rest days. This is a good start for inseason issues with overuse injuries.

[quote=“RIstar”] THis is a problem that needs to get fixed if we want are youths to be HEALTHY WHEN THEY PITCH.


In my view the problem begins with coaches who are driven to win at any cost. Most of the teams out there have coaches whose self-worth depends on whether or not they win. Sometimes their reputation hinges on it. And make no mistake, there are many youth coaches today who are angling to get one or two kids on their team into the bigs or college so they have something in their resume to brag about to new recruits.

Tournaments have instituted rules designed to reduce the reliance on one or two stud pitchers, but with the best teams getting the best arms, the race to the trophy is ridden on the shoulders of the stud hoss on the staff.

While I believe that coaches have to be cognizant (aware) of the ability of their pitchers to go a certain number of pitches, and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their staff, the fact is that there are many many coaches out there who haven’t got a clue and are either willing to sacrifice their kids arms or are totally unaware that there is a limit to how much the human physiology can take.

As a player’s parent, it is my job to be aware of these things. If you are handling your own career, than you have to be aware of these things, too. And my advice is that if you intend to go further than High School with your baseball, that you get your parents involved and up to speed on this stuff before you have a face to face with a coach, with no adults ready to take your side in the discussion. If parents arent available, recruit a parent of a teammate or a teacher or a previous coach or someone else that you trust to help you look after your interests.

Bottom line is sometimes you can trust the guy whose reputation relies on the win/loss column. Sometimes you can’t. Be careful, and get somebody in your corner.

Have fun, and good luck!

Ristar, I commend you for posting this. In my own opinion I believe one of my good friends is going through this.

He’s a great athlete. He’s now going into his sophmore year along with myself. He just turned 15.
His year of sports has just wrapped up and this is what it looked like.

Fall '06- Starting Quarterback (High School/Varsity)
Winter '06- Starting Point Guard (High School/Junior Varsity)
Spring '07- Starting Pitcher/SS (High School/Varsity)
Summer '07

This is where it gets packed.

He began playing on our junior babe ruth team before the end of the high school season. He was starting pitcher and short stop. He also played on the senior babe ruth team when we didn’t have a game for junior babe ruth. He probably logged another 35 games between those two leagues. Once junior babe ruth ended his all-star summer season began. They went to regionals and placed 5th. He played 14 more games being the ace starter and star shortstop. At one point in all-stars he was pulled from the game and placed at firstbase because his arm hurt to much to play shortstop. He pitched 7 innings the next day through pain. He pitches four more games in the next 9 days.

So in total he played about 60-65 games of baseball. Pitching about 30. I believe in no way is he ready for such a heavy work load and I’m very dissapointed in his parents for letting him continue to pitch and play through pain. His season reminds me of a college season except without and educated coaching staff and a training program. I think this could spell complete trouble by the end of high school for my friend.

I’m looking to hear everyone’s thoughts on my buddy’s sports schedule for a year and what he could do to help himeself out.

“I’m looking to hear everyone’s thoughts on my buddy’s sports schedule for a year and what he could do to help himeself out.”

Get a plan on what he wants to accomplish, don’t just play to play…That invites abuse, and stick to it. As for the amount of other stuff…wow he must be a heck of an athlete…or your school doesn’t have a pool of talent that is very deep. My opine is that he just needs to drop playing for every team that calls his phone. School ball and a summer team should keep him sharp without wearing him out. At his level of skill he shouldn’t be worried about post high school…just where he’s going.

I am with Hose, it is up to the folks that pay the check (Mom, dad etc.).
I believe that the message should be, don’t be a Little League hero at the expense of your future prospects.

If you all want a scarey display of Travel Team fever…go over to e-teamz and look at the amount of posts where dads think they are the “one” person who can have their kid play/pitch 100 games a year…because the kid has “fun” going to motels and traveling every weekend of the summer…It is real sickening and there is no talking these people out of “what they know”…little Johnny is going to be the next “Rocket” and if you speak against their “wisdom” well your kid most likely doesn’t have what it takes or isn’t good enough…
Really, enough to make you puke. It’s so bad I won’t post there anymore.

JD and Hose are dead on, as always … if your league / team doesn’t have rules policing overuse, it’s up to the parents to step up to the plate. And this has to happen BEFORE , not after abuse . Make sure the coach understands what is and what is not acceptable (and it has to be very clear prior to competition ) because in the heat of the battle, well , you just cant expect all coaches to make a decision that is based on anything other than W & L .

If the coach is not on the same page with you … be a parent, make a responsible decision and go elsewhere .

Tourneys are good for kids Heres why
My coach,jim lingle coached in the little league world series 3 times,and his son garret lingle throws mid 90s and is batting 475 in the scout leagues.Garret is 20 now but when he was a kid he told me he played competitive baseball 5-6 times a week,1-2 times a day.
He played baseball alot and is healthy and strong and is the best all around baseball player I know.SO try to argue with that RIstar



all we do in alberta is play weekend ball, 2 games a day, and i’m the only kid on our team has hurt his arm all year, other than our one catcher, and that was also do to tennis as well. So i don’t see a point in this arguement. I pitch and play 2nd or short stop.