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I pitched a complete game on saturday throwing 102 pitches while allowing 3-4 hits, 3 walks, and 10 k’s, and 0 or 1 earned runs… First time pitching in a while; I had been dealing with two pulled groin muscles for about 5-6 weeks, but I finally was ready to go back to the mound and to the weight room again. Prior to that game, I had only pitched about 3-maybe 4 innings the whole season since I had been dealing with injuries.

After the game, I jogged and sprinted 3 poles; did about 25 bodyweight squats, and stretched.


Then yesterday, I went and did a full body workout at the gym, Squats: 1x45x10, 1x95x10, 1x135x6, 3x185x5 all the way down-past parallel. Sumo Deads, 1x95, 1x135, 1x185, 2x225x5, 1x245x3, 1x245x4. Seating Rows, 1x70x8, 1x90x8,1x80x6. Palm facing chins: 1x10, 1x8… Tricep Pulldowns:1x90x8, 1x80x6, 1x70x6… afterwards… 15 sets of variant exercises for rotator cuff, and finally cool down-15 minutes of stretching.

is there anything I maybe should have added, or should take out?

Prior to workout: I had 4 pieces of wholewheat toast, 8oz milk, 1 scoop of gf pro cherry protein.

45 minutes prior: green bulge… 30 minutes prior: Whiteblood: Sample Package of Isatori H+blocker: 15 minutes prior: began sipping on Scivation Xtend (BCAA’s), and Substance WPI Grape protein…

About 30 minutes after workout, shot down 1tsp of creatine monohydrate since I don’t have any bulk CEE…

15 minutes later: 16-20 oz of X factor Gatorade, and 1.5 scoops of GF Pro Cherry Protein.

45 minutes after that, about 10-12 oz steak, and a 1 cup of oats with 16 oz of milk. Power went out during this time so I had to cook the oats on the grill using the burner.

About 2.5-3 hours before workout, 4 caps of USP labs Cissus Rx. I did 4x4x4 yesterday for dosing on this product. Been using it for a little over 2 weeks.

You supplement like a bodybuilder :shock:

Sounds like you have your stack all figured out. How’d you rack up all those injuries?

Run down drills during practice in may… I hadn’t eaten much that day except for a shake, and I was the runner for about 25 minutes. After accelerating, then decellerating, then accelerating, then decellerating, etc at 100 %; the day after my leg was killing me! I’d figured I had just overtrained, so I continued to eat normally again, and after about a week, it still wasn’t going away, and I realized I couldn’t really sprint or move side to side very easily.

It was my right leg-I decided to take sometime off after that to allow it to heal, and after about 2 weeks of stretching it, I went back on the field-the practice right before my first game, bam, injured it again. I didn’t say anything to the coaches at the time because I was scheduled to start the first game-so I attmepted to do everything I could to heal it before the game. It didn’t work-I pitched poorly, had no power, and left the game in the 2nd or 3rd inning. I started the next game again, and at this time had began compressing my leg, and heating it up prior to my starts, and well, It still hadn’t gone away. I pitched one inning, then left the game. After that game, I asked my coaches if I could take sometime off from pitching to further heal my leg, and 2 weeks later I hit the mound again-I was hoping to start this game since it would have allowed me to properly warm up, instead, I was surprised, and asked to go in the 7th inning without a warm up. Prior to that inning, I had went in as a sub for the left fielder- I usually start here, but since I didn’t go one of the trips with the team, I was being punished for missing some games, and sat on the bench till the 6th inning.

One of the kids from the other team hit a line drive into left field foul pole; I sprinted after it, bam, it hit me again. After that inning, I was asked to go into pitch. I didn’t have the opportunity to warm up because I was in the hole for batting-when it was time to pitch, I was cold and was only given about 6-7 pitches to warm up. It was this game that I had injured my left leg. So now I had two pulled groin muscles, and a sore shoulder, which wouldn’t go away.

For about 3 weeks I was taking ibuprofen and doing everything I could to heal my leg. I hadn’t had one good start the entire month; Finally, after about 2 weeks of taking USP labs cissus rx, and taking ibuprofen before my games, I was finally feeling good. I began to have full flexibility in both my legs, and my shoulder was beginning to feel a lot better.

I would have liked to have been able to pitch injury free at the beginning of the season, but hey, injuries happen sometimes. Luckily, for me, I began educating myself on how to heal my leg, and now, 5-6 weeks later, I’m finally getting better. I will continue to take Cissus RX, because in my mind, it works!

Sry for the long message…

My main suggestion with the workout would be to maybe incorporate some type of pushing exercise instead of triceps. Maybe do DB Bench Press on a stability ball or maybe pushups with someone providing a little resistance.