How to: Walk-on to a college team

I was wondering if anybody can tell me how I walk-on to a college team. I know that you are supposed to talk to the coach and let him know that you are planning on it. Any advice is wanted. Could somebody also give me a schedule for the college baseball season, starting from the beginning of the school year up to the championship.

Right now I am in the low 80s, but have good offspeed, movement, and improving control. I think after a solid offseason of training I can be in the mid-upper 80s. I’m planning on walking on to a d1 school.

Most colleges are playing fall intersquad and scrimmages along with conditioning and skills training, right now. They are forming their rosters for the spring. If you are walking on, you need to be a part of the fall program.

My son’s friend walked onto a DI program, albeit not a top 25, but nonetheless he got 11 innings of pitching as a freshman. HE also got his butt handed to him by some good baseball programs. After the first year I know his father asked him to re-evaluate his prospects with this college thinking that a DII or DIII program might offer more innings. He went back and is planning to stay. So it can be done.

Way back when, I tried to walk on at a DI program. I learned that this is an extremely competitive environment requiring the kind of time an engineering student couldn’t commit to. I’m not saying it can’t be done but odds are against right out of the gate.

Open tryouts are held in the fall. Talk to the coach.

Let me start off by saying this… It is extremely difficult to do but by no means impossible. I would talk to the coach and let him know but if you know the date of the walkon tryouts I do not think its necessary…

I myself walked onto a D1 baseball team, had everyone tell me dont get your hopes up and what not… But I was determined.

My advise to you is to give it your all , go do your thing and dont let anything or anybody tell you it can’t be done…

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what grade are you in priceless?

I would head down to main baseball building/ coaches office and usually D1 schools have a Open tryout/walk-on sign somewhere around or there are people you could ask such as a coach, manager, athletic department head. I’d just suggest to be ready because on most teams there are already 24+ guys that have already been signed and playing during the fall that you as a newcomer would be competing against. Pitching is usually one of the main pickups for walkons and then coaches like kids with either power or speed. They don’t really have a need for guys with strong arms/ good fielding because those were usually the guys already picked up. But I believe that most schools have open tryouts in October.

  • You have to be eligible and have a good class standing.