How to use my lower body

Hey guys i have been on this helpful site and it really has touched up on my mechanics. I am 15 years old at a very good baseball high school in Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey. Well, at tryouts we pitch in this specialized gym where there is no mound thus forcing us to throw on a flat surface-the gym floor! I was so unprepared in throwing on a flat surface that my mechanics got screwed up I got cut from the team. I’ve already started my new mission to clean up my act.

So now can someone tell me how to use my lower body for more power to generate more speed. Also going with that question how is it easier to open up my hips to be more accurate.

These might help. I might look at all of these and write something up this question seems to come up a lot but it is very complicated.

If they are so good, why do they insist on throwing on flat ground for tryouts? Do they not know the mechanics don’t translate to the mound? It’s not your fault.

Yep my school is good at baseball, but unfortunately I live in New Jersey so when its beginning of high school baseball season the tryout days have snow covered baseball fields. Plus, its cold so i dont think they want young athletes to throw hard in muscle stiffening weather. Thanks for the concern and I hope to get more feedback and advice.