How to treat lower bicep pain

After not playing baseball for a few years, I came back and walked on at a JUCO and now am playing OF/P at a d3. Towards the end of last spring my lower bicep felt a very tight, strain like feeling while pitching. There would be random days with no pain, while others so bad I’d have to miss a bullpen sesh. I personally have always landed closed and thrown across my body and have recently tried opening up a little more to maybe help relieve this tightness. Any advice on how to handle this with the college season finally underway?

The institution that you attend should have, at a minimum, certified Trainers that address such conditions. Also, and I don’t mean to lessen the sincerity of those who respond on this web site, but, asking for a keyboard prognosis here is not the way to go. Although you might get similarities in experience and treatment, every individual is unique and should be addressed as such.

So, take the offerings here with caution and use good judgement thereafter.

Thanks for the advice. I have seen the trainer, and their advice was just the basic stretches which is generic for most athletes complaining with said injuries. I wasn’t looking for a prognosis, just trying to see if anyone had similar issues and found a pre game routine or whatever to help with this.

Please see an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine, preferably one experienced with pitching injuries. Over on the ASMI website forum, Dr. Glenn Fleisig frequently recommends doctors based on the injured player’s location. Try contacting him here:

As others have already said, look to a knowledgeable Dr. to remedy the medical condition but look to a knowledgeable pitching coach to assess your mechanics - especially your latest adjustments - to see if they might be causing the pain. You might also post video here.

That said, I’d pay close attention to your glove side as pulling the glove back an opening up early can lead to bicep pain.

Lacrosse ball, ibuprofen, STIM, and brutal stretching. All part of the dream tho hey? #jucobros