How to transfer long toss to pitching



I am a sophomore in college playing club baseball.
Back in high school, I was long tossing about 110 yards, yet pitching, I have never been clocked higher than 82 off the mound, suspect as high as 85 based on it looking faster from the 82 to a couple months later, but I cannot say for sure.
I was under the impression that 110 yd long toss was much faster than that out of the hand than 82 mph.

Any tips on how to take the long toss velocity to the mound?

Thank you


The main difference, of course, is that with long toss you can build momentum with a running start and crow hop, while pitching starts from a stationary fixed position.

That’s why you’ll often see outfielders at tryout camps throwing upper 80s and even low 90s on throws across the outfield, but then put them on the mound and they can’t break 78.