How to throw faster

next year i want to try out for the baseball team at the college i am going to but the coach said i need to improve my speed. he also said that i need to work on my lower body and midsection. whAT CAN I DO?

Spenser, I would suggest getting on a regular throwing program with a catcher. Act as if you are in season right now, a perfect time to do this. Have a “start day” every fifth day. You will work your way up to throwing the equivalent of seven innings on your start day. Have a bullpen day, or what we call a work day, in which you will work in the bullpen on your overall pitching ability. For your work days, be goal specific. Work on velo. one day, location one day, movement another day. Do not try to do everything on the same day or you generally end up not getting anything done.

Also, since you do not have to worry about competing in games right now, it’s a great time to get in the shape of your life. Start a conditioning program in which you concentrate on legs and core strength. Work hard, if you do not make the team in the fall, make it be because you weren’t good enough, not because you didn’t work hard enough. You can consult a personal trainer and tell him your goals, or use various resources like this web site to gain information on a workout program. Depending on your size or goals for physical fitness, you might consider seeing a nutritionist as well to make sure you are either taking in enough calories or not taking in too many.

This should set you up to be in good shape pitching wise for summer ball. Get on a college summer team in your area and go out and pitch. Baseball has a way of telling you what you need to improve on. Pay attention to how hitters react to your pitches and how you are getting guys out.

Other guys on this forum will tell you how to specifically improve speed, I’ll leave that up to them, but I want to make sure that if you are going to try out for a college team in the fall, you need to start preparing now! The pitching program and getting in good shape will help you tremendously as far as velocity goes and will help you more than anything to make a team.

Again, good luck with everything and let us know how it’s going.

squats, dead lifts for the legs

needsize crunches and google ab exercises for other ab exercises, i personally like needsize crunches alot

was he referring to your throwing speed or running speed?

what is a needsize crunch? and what other ab exersises would you recomend?

I do not know what a needsize crunch is, hopefully Taylor can help us out.

Our ab routine consists of toe touches, V’s, bicycles, russian twists, gagne’s(partner pushing legs down after you lift them/ your back is on ground and you are holding your partners ankles), various planks, various crunches(side, quarter, full) and we incorporate the med ball into our ab routines.

Work the lower back when you work ab’s. This creates symmetry in the core and gives you time to rest ab’s between sets.

we’ve got our workouts listed on our website if you want to take a look. its a 12 week program.
coach griffin also provides individualized programs on his site - noexcusesbaseball