How to throw a moving fastball?


I’m looking for a moving fastball to add to my arsenal. Grip and release would be helpful. 2 seamer doesnt work for me. Thanks


There’s 3 reasons why a baseball wont cut or tail.

  1. The spin you apply to the baseball is too vertical meaning that from a rhp point of view, your fastball travels at a 12 to 6 axis like so | when really it should be moving like this / for it to tail and like this \ for it to cut. Finger pressure is only one part of the equation and really a 4 seam fastball can tail just as much as a 2 seam fastball so that’s really not a problem also. Pronation at release is really the key. What I like to use as an exemple is the circle change. You see people talking about this pitch like it’s a miracle when really its the exact same mechanics as a sinker but thrown off the ring finger instead of the regular fastball grip.

  2. The velocity of the pitch isn’t fast enough for the magnus effect to really take place. (Most likely not your case, thats more likely to be for a rookie little leaguer)

  3. The spin on the ball isnt fast enough. This may be odd but I actually came across this before, turned out the pitcher wasn’t snapping it hard enough and wasn’t getting much bite on his 2seamer but the velocity was there. I made him bring his fingers closer together and really work out his arm action right to the tip of his fingers.


Is the running fastball grip the same as a two seamer?


See it that way, nearly ANY pitch can be thrown by gripping the ball without even considering the seams. Grips are really the icing on the cake to make it into a good pitch.
When we talk about running fastball, tailing fastball, sinking fastball, dipping fastball veering fastball, that is all essentially a righty pitcher getting right side movement on his fastball. The grip, the velocity, the release point, the pitchers height, the location, even the meteo will dictate how you gonna call it.


Is there anywhere you should apply pressure? Like a finger where u can apply pressure?


For some people it helps to apply index pressure at release but you have to get the basics down first for this to be of any help