How to throw a knuckleball?

I guess I kinda worded the question wrong. I really just want to know what arm action or whatever. Do you pitch it the same, just push it with your fingers, or do you kinda shot put it?

There are as many different ways to throw a knuckleball as there are pitchers who throw it, I myself never threw one; I couldn’t do anything with it because of that sharp karate-chop wrist snap I had on my curve, so I had to experiment with things and that was how I came up with the knuckle-curve—I think Mike Mussina picked his up the same way. I think Tim Wakefield just throws his in the ordinary way, much as one throws a fast ball. You can try different things to see which will give you the best one. One thing—it works best when the wind is blowing out from home plate, because it’s that resistance that makes it knuckle. :slight_smile: