How to throw a cutter

Im thinking mabye I should try out a cutter to see if I like it but im not sure how to grip it. One of the articales(how to throw a cutter like Mariano) tells you to hold it like a fastball but put you fingers off center. Sould I move them(or just 1) to the left or the right? Anything else needed to make it a cutter? Any help would is awsome


take your four seam grip, then slide both fingers to the right and then put pressure on your middle finger.

here’s a good start:

[quote=“Shane”]here’s a good start:

Ugh, beat me to it.

If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask, the cutters my specialty.

K thx for the link. Great Post by the way Bower

Does A cutter hurt your arm in any way.

not if throw correctly

Oh cuz i would like to try one out.

maybe its just me but I think the cutter is one of the easiest pitches to throw with movement


Oh yeah definitely. It’s a great pitch because you can always work on it. You can work on location and the size of the break. It’s such a nice pitch to control what happens. It’s great to experiment because you can throw it hard with late break or slower with big break.

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