How to teach smoothness in delivery

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So a little background first. I currently play minor league ball with the Royals farm system. The past 3 years I have been giving pitching lessons and had a lot of kids show great results in velocity (jumping 8-10 mph) and consistency in their pitching. One of my kids will get drafted this year (6’2" UNC commit 92-94 with run and a great slider that yours truly helped with)

Anyways back to the real reason for the post. I have a 6’4" LHP Jr. Who struggles with stabbing his left hand and getting a major head tilt towards his glove side. We’ve done a great job of keeping his head on line and it’s getting better. However, he’s still a little too herky jerky for me, I’ve tried to have him slow down his delivery slightly and almost have him start his separation later to eliminate the stab.

Btw I will upload video this week when I meet with him again.

Any suggestions will help me out!

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Since video is on the way, I’ll defer until that time.


As promised, here is the video

We have been working on staying back and using his lower half. His glove side still leaks but this is an improvement from when we first started working together. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

his arm seems to work like a catapult and there is no way for me to slow the video enough to see any forearm layback. He has a very high elbow as well. I’ll bet he has some luck with batters because he’s throwing at a higher angle of attack than normal.

i’m not sure what you are talking about with the “stabbing”, if you could explain that.

I’m guessing the “stabbing” is him extending his throwing arm down and behind him (towards SS) right after he separates his hands. He appears to be hyperflexible in the shoulder and probably needs to extend back that much to create a load through the shoulder so I wouldn’t try to change that. He also appears to throw like he’s throwing a grenade - relatively straight arm and little external rotation (as CoachPaul stated). It also looks like he gets his glove outside his torso and down by his knee. In other words, he flies open with his glove.

My thinking is this…

I think the glove flying open is causing two issues. First, it causes a posture shift resulting in the tilt you mentioned. Second, it causes early shoulder rotation which leaves the throwing arm in a sort of “lagging behind” position which reduces the amount of time it has to do its thing meaning the throwing arm doesn’t have the time it needs to bend and then lay back into external rotation. By the way, making him slow down his delivery will, IMHO, only exacerbate the early shoulder rotation issue in that he will get too over-rotated by ball release). In fact, I’d want him to speed up and get his center of mass moving forward sooner because right now he doesn’t move forward until after peak of knee lift.

My suggestion is to improve his “equal & opposite” as I think this will helps him stay closed longer and avoid the tilt. To do this, change his glove side - not his throwing arm. Since he extends his throwing arm a little bit down and quite a bit behind him, have him extend his glove arm a little bit up and well to the 1B side of the LH batter’s box. Then, as he rotates, make sure he swivels and stabilizes his glove in front of his torso - not outside his torso and down by his knee. Finally, this new equal & opposite position may happen in less time than his current “flying open” position and that would leave extra time in his delivery - time for something to go wrong. So we really want to eliminate that extra time so have him get moving forward sooner to get into foot plant sooner. Try having him move forward at or slightly before peak of knee lift.

It’s hard to see from that angle, he has a significant arm drag which is a bi product from his front side. This makes his throwing arm get out of the glove quick and almost stop completely behind. That’s where the “catapult” motion comes from because it’s all shoulder.

That is exactly what I was thinking! His front side needs a ton of work in regards to flying open. I’ve had him try and mimic David Price because of his shoulder tilt, closed front side, and just overall great and easy mechanics.

just click settings and speed then set it to 1.25 or 1.5 for slowmo

This is the way to go, I think. The equal and opposite is a great place to start. In addition to what Roger says, it’s also where he can have the most impact on his external rotation. From there, he needs to get cocked and focus on keeping the ball stationary through shoulder turn and maintaining elbow to elbow alignment through his shoulder line (maintaining good posture). Does that make sense?