How to stretch external rotation?


I threw and it hurts when I move my arm in certain ways. My best guess is that it’s too tight and should be stretched a bit. How can I do this by myself without pipes?


It’s not exactly clear what “it” is and what actually hurts but if you’re talking about your shoulder then you need to be very careful that you don’t loosen the shoulder capsule. I generally shy away from stretching the shoulder.


Manual stretching into external rotation, or lay back, should not be done.
The only time I have seen it done was as part of a post surgery rehab and done by a professional.
Is your should sore or is it pain? Those are two different things. Figure out where you are feeling it specifically.
How did you throw? Off a mound? Long toss? Did you warm up before throwing? Have you been throwing before this or were you just getting back into it?


I think it’s more of a soreness. I haven’t thrown in 6-7 weeks and did, taking it fairly easy. I did warm up. I was also looking to stretch it while warming up.


It was referring to external rotation.