How to Strengthen Lower Back and Increase Flexibilty

How do you increase strength and flexibility in the lower back? Like I said mine usually hurts and I need to know workouts that can help with this.

I think the best way is get into kettlebell training…but if you cant or if you dont want to…see a physical therapis to assess what stage you are at now if it is relatively healthy I suggest learn proper form and start doing a squat and a Deadlift, these are unbelievable for your core

What do you mean in terms of flexibility? What range of motion are you too tight in?

The pain in your lower back could be from anything. Overwork, tightness, mechanics, etc. Lower back flexibility isnt a factor for me so i really dont know any stretches but like what Rock said deadlifts and squats are amazing lifts for the core

I don’t think lower back flexibility should be your goal–the goal should be stability.

This article explains things well:

When I bend down my lower back will hurt after I pitch. It’s also a little tight. When I fatigue in a game my lower back usually hurts.

Sounds like the problem is your hamstrings being overly tight and you are compensating by bending your back. How would you rate your hamstring flexibility?

Well my dad tells me when I walk I lean forward, he basically tells me I need to slightly correct my posture.

I’n the presidential fitness test I got in the 85% for the sit and reach so I thin k that I have pretty good hamstring flexibility.

However, I do have tendonitis in my heel and a little bit in my knee.

I hope this helps.

kc thats exactly my problem. any ideas for help on this?

Sounds like your hips could be in Anterior Pelvic tilt. When your pelvis is anteriorly tilted you end up having overly tight hamstrings, short hip extensors, and this causes your lower back muscles to shorten. Usually some lower ab work helps it.

is anterior pelvic tilt when the hips are psuhed back and slighty raised up? if it is this is what i have an chad your right on i have all of those symptoms tight hammys lower back tightness short hip flexors. lower ab work will help?

i had many problems with my lower back a couple of years ago. I had two stress fractures actually. Some of the physicians told me that it was due to tight hamstrings that the body was compensating by making my lower back work harder. All i can tell you is strech strech strech!

Hmm… my back does seem to feel better after I do situps…

You dont want to do situps just reverse crunches to isolate the lower abs and lower external obliques. Also you dont want to stretch the hammies they are already on stretch as it is. You want to focus and stability of the abs, stretching of hips and lower ab work.

What is a reverse crunch and how do you do one?

lie on your back. feet off the ground like youre about to do a crunch. now, with your abs, rock, or should i say pull your knees to your chest. do it slowly and smoothly, dont cheat by getting momentum.

also, if you really want some back/core strength, you should type this into youtube:

kettlebell workouts.
yeah, i just got done with one, haha, owwwwww (thats a good ow in the low back and abs.)