How to stop this cutting action

I throw a 4 seam fastball but recently it has started acting like a cutter. I absolutely hate it. My catcher stands too far back in the box due to a fear of the bat being swung so when it hits the outside corner his glove gets carried out of the strike zone and the umps that pay attention to where the ball is caught call it a ball every single time. How can I get it to go straight?

I know this same thing happened to Mariano Rivera but I would just like to work on keeping things straight.

I don’t care how bad you want it to go straight, LET IT CUT!!! Movement matters way more I’m sorry. Talk to your catcher and get your coach involved if your catcher isn’t performing his duty and getting close enough to give your pitches a chance, but don’t change it if your getting that cut movement man.

Okay I will just leave it alone. We only have one more game left in the season and I don’t even know if I will be pitching. But I’ll work on controlling this pitch and making it cut to the corners and also work on a 2 seam so I can have fastballs moving both left and right.

Mariano Rivera was playing catch with fellow pitcher Ramiro Mendoza one day in 1997, and he threw one pitch that suddenly cut. It was just there; invention had nothing to do with it. Rivera worked on it and refined it, and he’s been using it and saving goodness knows how many games with it. The cutter, or cut fast ball, is one of the most devastating pitches ever seen at any level of the game—the batters know it’s coming, they know the pitcher is going to throw it, and theycan’t hit it for sour apples. And if you want to get rid of the cutting action just because your catcher is so afraid of getting hit that he sets up too far from the plate, shame on you! Get another catcher, and continue to use this pitch. 8)

That happened once with me a few weeks ago. I was warming up and threw a nasty cutter… but now i don’t know how i gripped it!

My guess is you gripped it as for a four-seam fast ball. Try gripping it a bit off center—and remember, it’s the wrist action that does it. You just flip it a bit. Try that and see if you can get it to cut. :slight_smile:

you are probably holding off center. but do no change it. look at MO and his nasty cutter. you wanna be effective. like mo. you got your wisg

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve got it a bit under control now. I can aim it where I want and end it where I want it to.

Why would you want to get it to stop cutting, what you really want to do is just figure out where it is going to go and repeat the action again and again. As long as you can control it and know where it is going to end up then there is no problem right.