How to stop laughing

I laugh very easily, and when i throw a bullpen, my friend trys to make me laugh, and I mess up, and he thinks its funny but I get really ticked off. Then when I’m about to make another pitch, which is right after he just made me laugh, I get built up tension and I get nervous just waiting for him to make me laugh. How do I resist the laughter?

Think of something sad.

Also I find if you smile (rather than try to hold it in completly) that can make you not laugh as much.

your laughter is just how your stress manifests itself. Others get mad or easily upset, tense.

Same response from me –

Slow, deep breathes. Lots of them.

Dont pay attention to him. pick and aim for a spot on the catchers glove and concentrate on it and throw. I ususally laugh at anything or get mad but i can tune people out rreally easily so that works for me. i hope it works for you.

try to get tunnel vision, aim for a spot and concentrate on that spot and nothing else!

or watch him try o make you laugh then throw a heater right at his head!