How to slow down your curve with a grip?

I am rebuilding my curve from scratch because I messed it up and have lost it, so I want my newer version to be slower than my old one was. My older curve was a hardbiting 12-6 downer that was around 10mph slower than my fastball (around 66mph for curve, 75-76 for fastball). I throw harder now then when I last threw it, but I’m still looking to have a 15-17 mph difference with a big 12-6 break. I throw around 80, so I want this pitch to be at about 63-66, but whenever I throw it like I used to it is too hard at around 70. So what grips can I use to slow it down just a little bit? I was thinking either using the pointer finger up technique ala Josh Beckett, or going with a knucklecurve grip. What do you think I should do?

I’ve heard kcurve is much slower but I really have no idea. Try them all out and go with what’s best.

my knucklecurve has a hard break to it when thrown hard but i also have a regular loopy-er curve … to me knucklecurve is better

Changing grips just lends itself to be picked up by the hitter…keep the same grip that you use for your hammer and just loosen the tightness of the grip and throw with maximum arm speed . Experiment with different pressures to get the speed you want … great way to turn your hook into 2,3,4 different pitches … just depends on the situation .