How to slow down a video?

I will be recording a couple of guys pitching in the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone could direct me to the best place to make a slow motion video? I will be using a Canon Cool Pix camera to record it.

Get a different camera.

Dont get a new camera. Any camera will work, some just wont be as beautiful as you want. There are many slow motion players you can download for free, I use the Sports Motion software here:

I found out my Droid X has a slow motion video… and posted videos to this board… but no one wants to watch them and help me haha.

Recording standard video and slowing it down during playback is useful but it doesn’t show you enough. For example, the throwing arm whips forward so fast that in one frame the arm is laid back in external rotation and in the next frame the arm has already whipped forward and the ball is out of the hand. No matter how much you slow the video down, you still don’t see what happened between those two frames.

Good quality slow motion video requires a camera that records at a high frame rate. I use a camera that can record video at 300, 600 and 1200 frames per second. 1200 is rather useless because the picture size is reduced too much. 600 is usable. But I find 300 fps is sufficient.

Casio’s Exilim line of cameras offers some models that can record using high frame rates.

In my low budget case, where I dont need to see every hair on my head in slow motion, my crappy camera worked just fine. The high quality cameras sure are nice, but all I needed was to see my form in slow motion and while not pretty, it got the job done.