How to rotate my hips when I'm pitching?

I’m having some trouble rotating my hips once my stride foot lands and doing it fast. Anyone have some tips?

Chances are you’re leaking open early which results in slower rotation. But it’s tough to say without seeing you. Can you post some video?

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Push off your back leg. It will then internally rotate opening up the hips quickly before the shoulders.

Watch a video of Aroldis Chapman pitching from a side view and you’ll see what I mean.

get a good load in your hips during your leg lift. when you raise your front leg, try to think about showing your booty towards the hitter, but not twisting necessarily. feel as if you are pushing your back leg down into the rubber and showing your front cheek towards the plate. then just take your back pocket and try to stick it into the catchers mitt while driving down the mound. maybe it’s not your once you land that’s the problem, it could be in the first part of your delivery and getting into a good position for your hips to rotate. the core velocity belt is a great tool for this

I find that any attempt to directly manipulate hip rotation slows you down and makes you too robotic. But it is possible to indirectly influence hip rotation.

I think the keys to good hip rotation are creating good momentum, keeping the front leg closed off longer and opening up later, and having good functional strength in the front leg to plant and abruptly put on the brakes. Do these things well and better hip rotation should result.

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