How to prepare for high school


Hi My son is currently playing 13u ball for a respected tournament club. His primary skill is pitching. We have had him with 4 different pitching coaches since he was 8. We have focused on mechanics mainly, He has good control of his fastball (65-70mph) has a good change (45-50mph) and just this year has added a curve ball. My question is what should we be doing to first succeed at a high school level.


At 12 or 13 I would recommend he has fun.
Play other sports, stay in shape.
Keep a balance in things. If he 65-70 he is throwing as hard as a lot freshman/JV guys already.
He won’t need a bunch of pitches to succeed in high school.
Sounds like he well ahead of the curve.


Why so many changes with the PC?


Don’t blindly follow mechanics instruction from the HS coach. Most don’t know what they’re talking about. Strengthen the rotator cuff in the off-season and have an in season maintenance plan for your arm. Do not ice. Throw focused bullpens that work on fastball to a specific location. Try to hit the same spot 15-20 times in a row. Don’t mix in other pitches in the same 15-20 pitch set. Work on other pitches in groups of 15-20 just like the fastball. Get your bullpens up to 75 pitches just prior to the season…but not too soon. Focus on fastballs, but don’t be afraid to start 3 through 6 hitters with off speed.


Amen to the play and have fun comment. As a high school coach, I have seen players who had success at the youth level, fizzle out by the time they are a junior/senior and I have seen players who struggled at the youth level, develop into quality varsity contributors. As for the “most don’t know what they’re talking about” comment…I can say the same for many of our local pitching instructors. Good pitching coaches who are well versed in pitching instruction and don’t rely on the “this is how I learned” philosophy are hard to find period.