How to pitch with lower half

I am a freshmen in high school and i throw close to 80, but when I throw I throw all arm. I have strong legs, but I was wondering how to incorperate my legs into the motion more?

Get your hips moving forward (sideways) sooner and faster without sacrificing your knee lift. Lead with the front hip through the early part of your stride. Swing the stride leg out front faster.

This will create more momentum - more energy to transfer up through the body and out to the ball. It will also probably lengthen your stride which will get your release point closer to home plate.

I know what you mean, but when I do that I loose some of the pop on my fastball. Is it like one of those things like proper machincs will make you throw faster? Or like do you have to do it alot?

It will take lots of reps before you get comfortable with it. Your velocity probably won’t increase until you do get comfortable with it. Stick with it a while and give it a chance. It doesn’t happen overnight.

SO like your saying like really force your hips forward? like u dont really push off with your legs, you force hips forward?